Want to go away for a couple of days, working away, leaving your family at home, or are you a business owner and need to know your assets are safe?

Security Matters watches your property and attempts to reduce crime before it happens

Who are we?

We have been in the security industry for 15 years, and realised the ever increasing need for a watchful eye from a different perspective and because of our technical background in this particular field we are fully equipped to do exactly this. This is something new to the security industry in terms of residential areas businesses and private homes

How does this scenario work?

A camera system is installed which monitors streets, driveways and homes. The actual DVR (transmission box which drives the system) is installed on site and records on site on a loop basis, always having around 2 weeks of video footage stored. The DVR is then linked via ADSL lines through a private network to Security Matters’ surveillance rooms, situated in Meyerton. There the cameras are monitored “live” on dusk until dawn basis, until exceptional requirements are needed. The controllers are trained to identify suspicious character/ vehicles on preemptive situations and will immediately contact our armed response company, or dispatch. When the response officers arrive they can be directed by the controller’s as he is being monitored on camera as well.

Why off site monitoring ?

  • The monitoring of the cameras allows for the whole area to be monitored at the same time as opposed to the limited section a guard will see.
  • Immediate and decisive action when intrusion occurs;
  • Loss prevention thanks to early detection and response;
  • Peace of mind;
  • Your premises are effectively protected after hours;
  • Potential losses are greatly minimized; and
  • No more need for onsite security guards.


Security Matters strives to be the service provider of choice in all aspects of intelligent monitoring through our strong knowledge of technology within the security industry. We want to offer our clients a combination of leading-edge technologies and solutions that provide a range of innovative services to assist in adding value and to reduce risk. We pride ourselves in offering our clients innovative, quality products and services to assure that needs are met cost effectively with our unsurpassed service dedication.

Contact Thys for a consultation which would suit your specific need: 082 550 6884